Excerpts from Darek Brański Statement:

My Angels look like cemetery statues, it is a deliberate effect. In the Angels series I search for the relations among the spirituality in its broad sense, emotions and eroticism. These paintings concern the manifestations of the so called female element in art and religion. The statues of angels, placed somewhere between heaven and earth in the realm of thought and imagination, are a metaphor of the everlasting love, which manifests itself in death. They are the symbols of the human condition, behaviour, spirituality. Their poses and faces, as well as the colours, comment on the reality that surrounds us and are the reflection of reality as a source of my inspiration. By what they leave unspoken, they touch the secrets of the construction of the universe, human psyche, philosophy.
The idea for paintings such as the Walls struck me when I was watching concrete paving stones. Cracks and stains covering them were forming fantastic scenes, landscapes and portraits. Each of them had its own story. I thought that it is worth painting and so drawing attention of other peoples towards it. I wanted to illustrate the passage of time, the interest in stories contained in all the items that surround us. Moreover, these pictures are a pretext for showing the 'abstractness of figurativeness'. They are both representational and non-representational. The diseased tissue of walls, damp patches on plaster or cracks forming landscapes create the illusion of space. Through these paintings I tried to draw the spectator's attention to the perception of reality along the Ingarden's theory of aesthetic experiences: a work of art is created in the eye and mind of the spectator, depends on intentions.
Similar thoughts have found their reflection in the Spaces series. They are pictures in which the process of painting is also important. Each man, perceiving and processing the surrounding reality creates their own universe, in which they realize and develops themselves. So everyone is a creator, a god. Spaces reflect the duality of light and darkness, good and evil, which are intertwined and the painting, which joins the opposites and constitutes the emanation of the force that keeps them in balance. The plastic form of these pictures: space, stars, nebulas, is a language that conveys these issues, a language common to all recipients.
The processes of painting and designing my pictures are accompanied by music. Always.
Dariusz Brański

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Dariusz Brański - born in Warsaw, Poland in 1970. He is a painter and a visual artist based in Warsaw, where he is currently working.

Education - Warsaw University of Technology, Architecture Department.

Darek Branski

Exhibitions and acts:

1993 - N-gallery, Warsaw
1994 - DK Włochy Gallery, Warsaw
1996 - LUZ Gallery - TV presentation, TVP1
1996 - MOK Piastow Gallery, Piastów
1999 - Na Kole Gallery, Warsaw
2000 - Gallery of Biblioteka Wolska, Warsaw
2000 - Delfina's Gallery, Warsaw
2000 - Biennale Plastyki Wawer-2000, Warsaw
2001 - Podlaska Gallery, Biala Podlaska
2002 - Kopalnia Gallery - multimedia show, Warsaw
2003 - Komuna Otwock Gallery, Otwock
2005 - Ethnographic Museum - presentation, Warsaw
2005 - Chimera Gallery, Warsaw
2006 - CK Leśnica Castle, Wroclaw
2006 - MOK Jozefow Gallery, Józefów
2006 - Wroclaw Industrial Festival - slideshow, Wroclaw
2007 - book "Dbaj o Miłość" with Bogdan Loebl, Nowy Świat, Warsaw




More info about book "Dbaj o Miłość" on author's web site:

Bogdan Loebl

2008 - KluboGaleria Małe Tęsknoty Gallery, Warsaw
2009 - Zoya Gallery (group), Warsaw
2009 - Sztuka w drodze - action, Kraków
2010 - Pat-Art Gallery, Kazimierz Dln.
2010 - e66 Gallery, Gdańsk
2011 - Inter Libros Gallery, Puławy
2012 - Wspólna Przestrzeń (group exhibition by GaleriaOK), Warsaw